New York Retail Cannabis

New York Retail Cannabis

New York Retail Cannabis

Along with New York, many states are undergoing cannabis use and legalization. This is in addition to continued discussions by the national government on marijuana legislation. New York state announced those who want to grow adult-use cannabis can apply online as of March 15th. Silver Therapeutics opened in April 2019 and is now preparing to open in New York in 2023.New York and other states offering retail cannabis

As with any cannabis business, there are certain rules and regulations that must be followed. Some being federal and some being state-regulated.

“The Business Council of New York State is working to make sure businesses will be successful, despite under federal law, they can’t make ordinary deductions. Federal prohibition is a monetary obstacle that marijuana businesses will face.”

New York two-tier Structure

So, what does this mean? New York is considering a two-tier licensing structure which would keep those who grow and process from also selling the product. This legislation’s goal is to limit monopoly and assist minority or women-owned businesses. With this bill, they hope to eliminate vertical integration, allowing 1 company to grow and sell.

CBS Albany- Challenges for Retail Cannabis
CBS Albany- two-tier bill

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