Expanding Cannabis Delivery

Expanding Cannabis Delivery

Expanding Cannabis Delivery

Expansion within any business is sometimes nerve-wracking. Trends in in-home delivery services have continued to rise during the pandemic. With the increasing popularity of in-home delivery services, some cannabis retailers have become increasingly interested in this trend.Expanding Cannabis Delivery via Shopping Online

Why Make Cannabis Delivery Available?

Given that “over half of Americans have stated that if they were going to purchase legal cannabis products (e.g., gummies, drinks, flower), they would be much more willing to purchase them via delivery versus going into a store/dispensary.” There is also a tilt in popularity to the younger generation (35-44 years old). Of course, certain companies will be more willing or able to extend operations. But there is an interest from the American public.

As legalization expands, it is thought that acceptance among the general population will also expand. This will then decrease the shame of going to a dispensary. That said staying at home has become the norm for many people as a result of the pandemic. Staying in your home is both convenient and available in a variety of options; smoking, edibles, drinks, and more. Newer users of cannabis, meaning those who do not currently smoke would be more apt to use an online shop.

Notably, in 2020, there was the highest number of new deliveries and sign-ups. These are in states that are compliant and allow for certain states upon state-focused laws and regulations. Check the status of your state here.


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