Cannabis Tincture Bottles

Cannabis Tincture Bottles

Tincture Bottles

Tincture Bottles

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If you are running Tincture Bottles, aka Boston Round Bottles, with your Cannabis, CBD, or Hemp products you have come to the right place to purchase a liquid filling machine.

Tincture Bottles and Boston Round Bottles have rounded shoulders, a rounded base, and a circular body. This makes them easily indexable on a turntables and packaging conveyor systems. Rounded Tincture Bottles are great for a vareity of lqiuid products which includes CBD oil, terpenes, Delta-8, and more. We have seen it all with different cannabis liquid products in the industry.

Tincture Bottles can come in many different colors which includes clear, amber, cobalt blue, and more. Amber and Cobalt Blue colored tincture bottles provides UV protection for some light-sensitive liquid Cannabis, CBD, and Hemp products.

We have extensive experience filling tincture bottles in a wide range of sizes. Our entire line of cannabis filling machines can easily handle various sizes and shapes of tincture bottles. Enjoy fast and efficient filling when you get setup with our machines.


In addition we can handle a wide range of caps with out cannabis packaging machines such as Child-Resistant Certified (CRC) droppers, tamper evident caps, screw caps, treatment pumps, sprayers, and regular droppers and caps.

To make sure you have the right cap for your bottle, we encourage you to always check the neck size and whether the cap or dropper tip is tamper-evident. We are always happy to receive tincture bottle samples from you. That way we know exactly the bottle and can fit your filling solution as best as possible.

We want to make sure the filling machine you are purchasing fits the products, bottles and caps you will be using for years.

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