Are handheld filling machines the right choice for your cannabis business?

Are handheld filling machines the right choice for your cannabis business?

Are handheld filling machines the right choice for your cannabis business?

Commonly referred to as an entry-level machine. The handheld benchtop filling machines are a starter option for owning your own filling equipment.


What is a Handheld Filling Machine?

A handheld filling machine is also known as a semi-automatic benchtop. The benchtop filling machine is usually manually operated, a handheld liquid filling unit that is easily moveable around your laboratory or cleanroom setting.


Start with the Benchtop

The semi-automatic benchtop is the best for an entry-level, quality handheld filling machine. Depending on your application and production needs, there are more robust benchtop ‘heavy-duty’ filling machines that can be placed on a stand or table to dispense your product into containers. This model can also become a scalable solution that grows with your business using an HMI (touchscreen user-interface). Certain benchtops can also be modified to become a turnkey fill-cap-label filling system, also known as the Proline.

Benchtop filling machines can handle a variety of difficult applications, such as flammable products and more viscous liquids. Whether your product is less-viscous/water, semi-viscous/average-viscosity, or extremely viscous (gel, cream, lotion, or balm type product). In addition, they can operate with a variety of metering pump options.

Why Choose the Benchtop?

Cannabis businesses should be excited about the pinpoint accurate filling the Benchtop offers. The Benchtop filling unit is affordable, quick to set up, easy to use, able to offer quick changeovers, and a quality filling machine. It is a great solution for entry-level solutions.

Benchtop series filling machines are truly a convenient, affordable, and workhorse filling machine for companies that want to have a filling machine that’s easy to set up, straightforward in use, as well as provides quick and easy changeovers in-between production runs. The AB Series is a single nozzle handheld filler, well suited for custom and small-batch runs. The DAB Series is a dual nozzle, scalable handheld filler, which comes in a variety of heavy-duty models for growing businesses with challenging applications.AdaptaFIL Benchtop Series

The AdaptaFIL and SmartFIL Series incorporate an electronic HMI (touchscreen operation), thereby increasing capacity while remaining flexible and the ability to incorporate a variety of metering options. We recommend contacting GreenLab Packaging in gaining more information on a handheld benchtop series filling machine.

GreenLab Packaging is a proud supporter of the Cannabis industry. Whether you need a handheld filling machine, a complete fill-cap-label system, or an automated vape cartridge filling solution, we are proud to help our industry partners with their liquid packaging needs. For more information, please call 866.258.1914 or email A local representative will contact you to provide additional information and answer any questions that you may have.

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