Automated Cannabis Cartridge/Pen Capper

Automated Cannabis Cartridge/Pen Capper

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SmartPress: Cartridge & Disposable Pen Capping System

Simplify your cartridge and pen packaging with the SmartPress – fully automated capping system. The SmartPress is the Cannabis industry’s most robust cartridge and disposable pen capping solution. This system was designed for efficiency and precision in mind, saving you time and effort with your final closing/capping processes. 

Initially, the industry’s manufacturing bottleneck was the filling process of carts and pens; now, the new challenge is to cap those same carts and pens in a successful and timely manner. The SmartPress is made for high throughput environments that demand nonstop and repeated full-seating/full-sealing of both carts and pen caps – period. 

The SmartPress complements its bigger brother well, the VERSA5 – fully automated cart/pen filling system. The VERSA5 is a robust solution that comes with a small footprint that’s easy-to-use and easy-to-position within your manufacturing environment.

BONUS: NOW YOU CAN “BUNDLE-&-SAVE” WITH THE VERSA5 + SMARTPRESS SYSTEM! So, whether you need to cap vape pods, a variety of industry cartridges, or even disposable pens, we would be happy to learn more about your Cannabis application.

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GreenLab Packaging by FILAMATIC is a proud supporter of the Cannabis industry. We know the industry provides a range of quality health and personal care products that your end-users depend on daily. So, whether you need a handheld filling machine, a complete fill-cap-label system, or an automated cartridge & pen fill/cap solution, we are proud to support your manufacturing and overall business needs.

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