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VERSA5: Cartridge & Disposable Pen Filling Solution

The VERSA5 is the Cannabis industry’s benchmark, most well-known, cartridge and disposable pen filling solution. 

The VERSA5 is a 100% USA made vape cartridge and disposable pen filling machine that has a small footprint and uses only FDA Approved product contact parts. You will have the same fill accuracy, machine durability, and overall quality as from our larger automated filling systems. Given the industry’s range of recipes, the VERSA5 gives you the ability to control your filling temperature – a maximum temperature of 200’F but most industry partners range their temperature between 125’F to 145’F.  

Whether you need to fill vape pods, a variety of cartridges, or even certain disposable pens, the VERSA5 is your go-to-resource within the Cannabis industry. The following is a short list of products that you can dispense with your VERSA5 system:

  • CBD oils
  • THC oils
  • Delta-8 products
  • Delta-9 products
  • Delta-10 products
  • Variety of distillates
  • Medical Grade CBD
  • Medical Grade THC
  • and more

There are many different cartridge filling systems on the market, some with limited capabilities, some with limited throughput, and some that simply do not do what they say they will. The VERSA5 comes with no tricks, no bait and switch, no false claims, it is undeniably the Cannabis industry’s benchmark system when it comes automated cartridge and disposable pen filling machines.

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GreenLab Packaging is a proud supporter of the Cannabis industry. Whether you need a handheld filling machine, a complete fill-cap-label system, or an automated vape cartridge filling solution, we are proud to help our industry partners with their liquid packaging needs. For more information, please call 866.258.1914 or email For immediate service, please complete the side form and submit. A local representative will contact you to provide additional information and answer any questions that you may have.

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