Cannabis College trains the Future

Cannabis College trains the Future

Cannabis College trains the Future

College is becoming an important step for cannabis employers are looking for when filling positions. Some Cannabis College teachColleges and Universities across the United States are now offering cannabis-related programs. “The cannabis industry is expected to support between 425,000 and 520,000 full-time jobs in the United States this year, according to the MJBiz Factbook.”

Cannabis-Related Programs

Started in Fall 2020. “Students learn about cannabis physiology as well as pharmaceutical implications and the practical applications for the plant.”

“Students learn cannabis extraction and separation techniques and build a knowledge base to analyze marijuana-rated compounds and contaminants.”

Courses include: Health Care and Medicine to marijuana law and policy as well as cannabis agriculture and horticulture courses.

Required work in chemistry, biology and horticulture. “Graduates are qualified to perform instrumental analysis in a laboratory or build their own testing lab, retail store or growing operations.”

This university was founded in the United States in 2007.

This offers a foundation in cannabis studies and competencies in product separation, safe product development, and therapeutic use. The 4 courses could be completed in as little as 2 semesters.

Areas of interest include cannabis botany, production and processing techniques.

“Students can choose an elective such as Hydroponics, Social and Ethical Considerations of Business”

“The course is designed so students can complete an internship in the industry and talk with guest speakers”

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