Start Thinking Sustainable Packaging

Start Thinking Sustainable Packaging

Start Thinking Sustainable Packaging

As the world continues to focus on recycling, reducing plastics and unnecessary waste. So too do cannabis companies. It is important to think about being sustainable with each product launch.


Sustainable Packaging Challenges

Sustainable Packaging & Child Safe/ Child Protective CapsChild-resistant, CR packaging usually was plastic and glass, but it was hard to find something that could be sustainable and meet the regulations. A newer challenge includes opaque packaging. Many packaging companies were not ready to have a jar where you can not see the product inside. Their solution was to paint it but the paint would chip and make its way into the products. These and many other changes occur at least once a year, making ordering difficult.

Some regulations deny that a cannabis company can reuse any packaging. So, even if they are recyclable they cant be reused.


Why Sustainable Packaging?

Blair Kralick, CEO of äkta talks about the importance of selecting sustainable packaging.

Cannabis companies should begin to see and experiment with different environmentally-friendly options. Mr. Kralick mentioned, “how wasteful this industry was going to end up being”.

He goes on to say that “if a company has the option to make less of an impact when it comes to waste, I think it’s something everyone should look at and invest in.”

Aesthetically- the design of the product could be a reason to keep it and find a way to reuse the package. If a business sets up recycling programs, regulations and stations could add issues and a logistical nightmare. The goal is to create something that is both sustainable and creatively designed while also being consumer-focused and supported by certifications and regulations.Sustainable Packaging- Opaque Packaging

Options in Sustainable Packaging:

  • Hemp-based plastic options
  • Recycled ocean plastic
  • Paper

“Paper has always been a little bit more sustainable. It’s easier to recycle, and it’s a lot more compostable, even though it takes longer to compost.”

Contact GreenLab Packaging

GreenLab Packaging is a proud supporter of the Cannabis industry. Whether you need a handheld filling machine, a complete fill-cap-label system, or an automated vape cartridge filling solution, we are proud to help our industry partners with their liquid packaging needs. For more information, please call 866.258.1914 or email A local representative will contact you to provide additional information and answer any questions that you may have.

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